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Visa and Immigration

A comprehensive guide to the immigration matters has been provided in the guidebook below.

It will take a few days before you are financially settled after your arrival in Indonesia. Meanwhile, you will definitely need easy access to your financial source to cover immediate expenses when you are abroad. It would be more convenient if you have a relevant international account from your country or a bank account corresponding to banks in Indonesia.

Apart from that, we also recommend that you open an account in one of the banks that has cooperation with University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa as this partnership has facilitated students in paying their academic fees. Since the payment is done by host-to-host (online) system, having an account in one of these banks will provide convenience whenever you need to pay academic fees each semester.

As a reference, you can use the estimated living cost if you live in Serang as follow. In serang, dormitory fees for students can reach up to 400 thousand Rupiah to 1 million Rupiah per month depending on the facilities. For students, living cost in Serang can certainly be reduced as much as possible by choosing a dormitory near the campus. The perfect solution to save on daily transportation costs. For the meal cost, the most standard estimate is 30 thousand for 3 times a day, then the meal cost is only 900 thousand rupiah per month. The transportation cost such as Angkot is quite cheap, only 4.000 rupiah to all routes. Estimated transportation cost for a month is about 204 thousand only.

The total cost you need to live in Serang is around 2,2 million rupiah standard. Of course, the cost of living in Serang varies depending on your lifestyle. Whether you want a luxurious or simple lifestyle, make sure you have an income that is comparable to your expenses.

*Please note that if you do not have an account in one of the university’s corresponding banks, you have to pay academic fees by cash. Paying academic fees by bank draft is not acceptable.

We recommend that you take an insurance policy before you leave your home country. However, you need to ensure that the insurance covers services worldwide. There are quite a number of reputable international insurance companies available in Indonesia. For students of Darmasiswa Program, the life insurance provided by Ministry of Education and Culture which is BNI Life Insurance as a scholarship facility.

You do not have to bring too many personal items for your necessities in Indonesia. Untirta is located nearby malls and shopping centers that provide customers with daily requirements, clothing and electronic equipment. Indonesia is a country with a tropical season and is usually rainy from October to March and sunny from April to September. So, you do not need to bring too many seasonal clothing.

Before coming to Indonesia, you have to plan where will you stay in Indonesia. Accommodations available can be divided into two categories:

On-campus Accommodation

Untirta provides a housing support for new students enrolled in Ciwaru Campus Area. The dormitory is located inside campus area and able to accommodate approximately 100 male students and 100 female students.

Facilities: cafeteria, internet, mosque, etc.

Website: Untirta Bisnis

However, there has always been a great demand for vacant rooms at the university dormitory all year-round. As a result, there is likely to be a shortage of on-campus accommodation.

Off-campus Accommodation

The following information sheets provide students with information on off-campus accommodation options in Serang for student’s easy reference.

Untirta Housing List (2021 updated) – Dowload List

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For more inquiry regarding housing reservation, kindly contact our International Student Services Officer, Miss Poppy or Miss Iin, through email address: