International Office|UNTIRTA


Trust, experience, and the social behavior of a group of people can be called our culture that is the basic of service standards we have in the International Office of Untirta.

International Office of Untirta is the main gateway  in exploring global competition among state universities located in the city of Serang Banten. Service culture is a culture that support community service, for foreign guest, local guest and loval governments that are available  in particular and the central government.

Untirta is a state university hat has an International Office unit where the existence of this unit a very important part of the creation of a campus to open up to the asean level where this unit helps the path to progressive and superior university in the aspects of students, lecturers, and educators. Hospitality that we have as an opportunity for cooperation both locally and internationally that we have built and we support to achieve a more advance untirta campus.

Hospitality which has become the culture of Indonesian people which is the traditional eastern culture that can support the creation of a valuable campus community. Therefore, each  employee has a good opportunity to make something different for the guest lives so that they can build good relationships with honesty and integrity with others. In terms of foreign guest servicesin particular, the international office is the main protocol where we can serve guests according to the procedural rules.