International Office|UNTIRTA

Exchanging Currency

Students are strongly advised to bring enough Rupiah as they arrive in Indonesia. If you do not bring any Rupiah currency with you, you are advised to change some money. Money changing facility is available at Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta Airport. At the airport, money-changer rates are usually slightly higher for cash. Compare this with the banks and money changers in the city who offer the most competitive exchange rates.

How to Get to Untirta

Pakupatan Campus

The trip will take about two hours from Jakarta International Airport via toll road Jakarta-Merak by Damri Bus. Traveling by Bus from the airport will cost around Rp.100,000. After exiting East Serang toll gates, the bus will arrive at Serang city bus station. from bus station of to the Pakupatan campus can be reached on foot because it is close to each other.

New Campus Untirta (Sindangsari Campus)

To get to the Sindangsari campus, it can be reached by using a bus heading to Pandeglang from the Pakupatan terminal then stopping at the Palima traffic light, then taking public transportation ‘angkot’ from Palima to the campus. The trip from Pakupatan to Sindangsari takes about 30 minutes.Ciwaru Campus

Cilegon Campus

To get to the Cilegon campus, you can take a bus from the Pakupatan bus staton that goes to Cilegon, the bus will stop at the small bus station PCI, and the trip continues by taking an angkot to the campus. The trip from Pakupatan to Cilegon takes about 45 minutes.

Kepandean Campus

To go to the Kepandean campus, you can take an angkot from the Pakupatan bus station that goes directly to the Kepandean campus, the angkot will stop right in front of the campus. The trip from Pakupatan to Kepandean takes about 15 minutes.

Ciwaru Campus

To get to the Ciwaru campus, you can use public transportation ‘angkot’ from the Pakupatan terminal which will go directly to the Ciwaru campus. The trip from Pakupatan to Ciwaru takes about 10 minutes.