The International Office of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University held an outing program with 3 students from Darmasiswa RI 2019-2020 program on February 23-24, 2020, the destination of the outing program was Pahawang Island in Lampung-Snorkeling Paradise. Pahawang Island is located in the District of Punduh Pidada, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung. This beautiful island consists of Pahawang Besar, Pahawang Kecil and Kelagian Island. Then, why do we call it a snorkeling paradise? Because Pahawang is famous for its rich marine life, a variety of coral reefs grow in the water. Many local and foreign tourists have visited there.
To go to Pahawang Island we use land transportation leaving from the Untirta to Merak Port of Banten in about 1 hour, and using a ferry to Bakauheni Port of Lampung about 1.5 hours drive. Then the journey from the port of Bakauheni takes about 3 hours to reach Ketapang Pier, we head to the Pesawaran coast, along the way we will be presented with the beauty of the blue sea then past the Queen Artha Beach, Mutun Beach, Dewi Mandapa Beach, then will pass through the Hanura Market , and we arrived at Ketapang Pier. The journey is not over, from Ketapang pier we will cross by ship, the journey of about 20 minutes to arrive at Pahawang Besar Island.
When traveling on the ship we will enjoy the beautiful blue sea which is very soothing. At Pahawang Island tourist sites, there are some recommended snorkeling spots, namely: Pahawang Besar, Pahawang Kecil, Kelagian Island, and Pasir Timbul Beach. The snorkeling spot that we visited was the Taman Nemo Spot near Pahawang Besar island, the underwater scenery there was very beautiful and there were a lot of beautiful fish swimming around us, especially clown fish or commonly called Nemo fish, not to forget we also took underwater photos and videos against a backdrop of coral reefs and Nemo fish. Also pay attention to safety in snorkeling for those who can’t swim, it’s good to pay attention to instructions from tour guide. Don’t forget to use a buoy, frog shoes and breathing equipment.
After snorkeling, we visited Pasir Timbul Beach, this place is very beautiful and unique because there is a vast expanse of beach sand in the middle of the sea with smooth waves and rolling hills around it. White and soft sand makes us really enjoy swimming there. (the output of this activity is to introduce one of the natural beauty of the underwater in Indonesia to foreign students to promote the beauty of tourism to the world.)


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