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Gender Equalities And Career Progression Of Women Employed In IT Sector In India Context

23 Juni 2021

Research Talk #4

Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University International Service Center (PELITA) again held Research Talk activities on Monday, June 21, 2021. Research Talk, which is the 4th series, presents Dr. Aiswaria Patil from Pune University, India who is also a researcher at Queen’s University Belfast, UK. Dr. Patil’s presentation with the topic ‘Gender equalities and career progression of women employed in IT sector in India context’ specifically discusses injustice for women working in the IT industry in India.

In his presentation, Dr. Patil explained the results of research he conducted for approximately 1.5 years. He asserted that the results of the research obtained showed that the treatment of superiors in the IT industry in India was still not applicable to women who, among other things, were seen from the lack of progressive careers of women in the IT industry and relatively lower the amount of salary they received when compared to men who worked in the same industry.

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