Excellent Programs

excellentInternational Office of Untirta (IO Untirta) establishes some excellent programs that will be run on this year. The programs were created as the answer for campus internationalization. Moreover, they are specifically designed for the enhancement capacity of every academicians and the introduction of Bantenese Culture. They involve students, lecturers and non-academicians to join in every event. The excellent programs are intercultural camp and festival, seminar on related subject and scholarship socialization, and workshop or trainings.

Intercultural camp and festival are two big events that IO Untirta has. They are going to be held in September and October this year. Intercultural camp is a gathering event involving students from different cultures and nationalities. They are going to do some interesting activities and visiting several fascinating places in Banten. Students will learn how to dance especially Traditional Dance from Banten, learn how to make problem-solving in a given case, attempt to cultivate local shrimp, experience Debus (unique tradition from Banten) and many others. Students also will have great opportunities to meet Baduy –  Indigenous inhabitants from Banten, visit Ujung Kulon National Park, and if lucky enough, they can see local rhinos and one of the best is they can play sand and wave in some of beautiful islands in Banten.

Intercultural Festival is a festival that displays different kind of cultures such as Japanese, Korean and Indonesian. Visitors can taste traditional foods in the festival. They are able to see some cultural objects, take pictures while wearing Japanese or Korean traditional clothes, purchase some souvenirs, get some information related to education or trip to Japan and South Korea. This festival is planning to be held in November.

To scholarship hunters, the scholarship socialization is a must attend program. In the program, International Office will invite some scholarship facilitator such as Australia Awards Scholarship, American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF), Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP), Nuffic NESO and many more to present scholarship programs they have. Information related to the scholarship will be presented. Tips and strategy to win this scholarship will be shared.

Workshops or trainings are provided for students of Untirta and public in general. Trainings are specifically focused on research proposal for overseas scholarship application. This program is intended to help them to get an interesting topic that can attract reviewer of the scholarship. Trainings will run in 3 days and resulting a drafting sound of a proposal. Then, it will be continued for 2 more weeks as the training will be more specific to the interest approach in a research.

For further information, you can visit International Office Untirta at the office hours.