About Banten

Banten is one of the province in Indonesia with Serang as its capital. Banten is geographically located in the western part of the java island. Long time ago, it has been widely known as its stopover place by many traders and hence, it serves as the center of acculturation among the people.

In the present, Banten is recognized as an industrial and a tourism place. Having great potencies on industry and tourism contributes Banten as one of the main investment destination region in Indonesia. Both sectors are spreaded widely throughout Serang Regency, Tangerang Regency, Pandeglang Regency, Tangerang City, and also Cilegon City.

Banten has huge, world class steel fabrics namely Karakatu Steel and KS-POSCO, located in Cilegon. Their existence has been triggering new industries ranging from chemical or plasctic industries to emerge, and also ports to grow, which in turn plays an important role in promoting regional growth progress, economically and physically so that based on nationwide scale Banten is classified into a rapid growth region.

In a tourism sector, Banten has many kinds of tourism objects. Ranging from ancient ruin of Sultanate Banten, National Park, Islands, Volcano many others. Ancient ruin of Sultanate Banten is located in Banten Lama. The most widely known and visited is Masjid Agung Banten (Banten Great Mosque) along with its monumental tower. The mosque represented an Islamic architecture in the age of Sultanate Banten. National Park of Ujung Kulon (NPUK) is another interesting place to visit in Banten. It is a conservation area for plants and animals. The most anticipated animal in NPUK is Rhino Sondaicus, an endemic Rhinocheros in the world. Since Banten is surrounded by the Sea, beach is the best place to find. Anyer beach, Carita Beach and others. At the moment, not only the beach people are looking but also the islands. Pulau Umang and pulau Peucang are the examples. Their white shands, pristine water and serenity area attract many tourists.