International Office Untirta hold Socialization of How to Get International Seminar Grants through Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti). The event took place in The Auditorium of Untirta, Serang. It began with speech delivered by Head of International Office Untirta, Dr. Syafrizal, M.Pd. In his speech, he said that the socialization is one of the agenda of international office in this year. To have grant in international seminar is one of achievements for lecturer to be fulfilled.

The next speech is delivered by Vice Rector of Academic Affair, Dr. H. Fatah Sulaiman, M.T. which is also open the event. The Vice Rector appreciated the event and wish that in the next five years, the research held by Untirta will be equal to other leading universities in Indonesia. “This is one of the strong commitments of Untirta leaders in developing research which is internationally certified,” he said specifically.

The event continued to explanation from Dr. Eka Sari who is lecture from Engineering Faculty of Untirta, majoring Chemical Engineering. She is one of Untirta’s lecturer who gets international seminar grants (BSLN) from Kemenristek Dikti for several times. The grants can be gained in a way of competing through scientific article from the result of researches. To obtain the grants, applicant must read all the updated grants guidance on the website of Simlitabmas Dikti and sign up to have an account for the grants. After that, the applicants must send it to Next, the applicants log in to BSLN website to apply for a seminar, wait for the announcement, go to the seminar, and the last step is report the content of the seminar to Kemenristek Dikti. The event is ended with responsive discussion from all of the participants.