In collaboration with State Polytechnic Jakarta or commonly recognized as PNJ, International Office Untirta organized an interesting event called Summer Camp in December 7th – 9th. The event was a roaring success. The story was begun with an invitation sent to PNJ to ask for their overseas students (Students of Darmasiswa Program) to join the program. There were 16 overseas students from PNJ. They are from 10 countries such as Poland, Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Madagaskar. Moreover, Students of Permata Program – local university sent and receive students from other university – joined the program. So, total, there were 35 students participated in the program.

They were warmly welcomed by Head of International Office, Vice Rectors I and IV in Rectorate Building on the first day of arrival. On his speech, Dr.Syafrizal,M.Pd. expressed a gratitude of PNJ to receive the invitation and hoped that all students would learn something from the diversity and beauty of Banten.  Meanwhile, representative of PNJ, Imam Sasongko, a vice head of PNJ International Office mentioned that this program is as “an amicable Banten”. After officially opened, the activities continued to a trip to Banten Museum. Participants were enthusiastically listened to the history of Banten and took some photographs. The next agenda was they headed to Batik Krakatoa in Cilegon to recognize some authentic motive of Batik from Cilegon and to learn how to do “membatik”. Having done some activities, they went to the hotel to rest since in the night they would have a Gala Dinner with some officials of Banten Governments. Gala Dinner itself was held in Pendopo Gubernur Banten (Governor Hall) and was presented by Rector of Untirta, Prof. Dr. H. Sholeh Hidayat, M.Pd and representative of Banten Governor. Finally, day one was wrapped.. They returned to the Hotel to fully rest because in the next day they would have a long journey to Baduy Tribe.

Day two, in the morning they were ready to go to Baduy. As widely known, trip to Baduy is challenging and demanding. This requires physical great condition. Fortunately, all participants and committees safely arrived in Baduy (precisely in Gazeebo) in the afternoon. To firstly-hand experience life like Baduy people, they were placed into some Baduy house with its owner. They could learn how to live without electricity, bed, even bathroom since mostly native speakers will use river next to their house. In the night, committees set up a bonfire to gather all participants. At this time, local angklung performance was presented and a brief history of Baduy was told directly from its respected native speaker. Participants especially those who are from Poland, Syria and South Korea and Japan were eager to listened and to inquiry everything about Baduy. At the end of the session, there were some quizzes given. Those who could answer it correctly got a prize.

Day three, while breathing a fresh air at Baduy village, all delegates and participants were packed to go to home. Yet before that, a Puun (a distinguished elder from Baduy dalam) named Ayah Mursid greeted everyone and shared story of Baduy once more. He was intended to come in the night but due to a task he must do and rainfall, he was unable to come. After greeting with Puun, everyone rushed to leave the area. They took a different path from the first they came because it was said that there is a nice lake to see. This path, however, was a lot more difficult and demanding. It is narrow, slippery (due to rainfall in the night) and on each side, it is a cliff. It was dangerous. So, everybody is helping each other to get the destination safe and sound. Here, it can be seen that friendship among countries becomes stronger as we look after each other. Eventually, everyone was safely arrived in the lake. Unfortunately, the lake was beyond our expectation. It was fully disappointing. But the demanding path and care of each other made this journey unforgettable.

Lastly, everyone returned to Campus Untirta in Serang in the afternoon. The event, then officially closed with the best participant was Barbara Erling (Poland) . She was selected from several criterion, i.e. enthusiasm, actively-involved, and friendliness. Eventually, everyone should say goodbye. Everyone hoped to meet again in the other time. And, hopefully, participants will have something to say in their country about this Program and Banten of course. (Ilmi)


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