The Rector of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University (UNTIRTA) recently was represented by Dr. Syafrizal, M.Pd as Head of International Office and Dr. Eng. Agung Sudrajad as the International coodinator in the international office as well as the Executive Director of IDB – Untirta Project, has signed a Preliminary Agreement with Duisburg Essen University in Germany on September 14th 2016. This Preliminary Agreement mainly consists of agreement in students eschange and staff development.


This agreement is important for UNTIRTA, particularly staff development  cooperation to support the soft programs, such as supporting the degree program mainly the doctoral  and non-degree program, such as short training for a month.  Those  programs will be running next year. During the visit in Germany, UNTRITA’s representative was warmly welcomed by Professor Dr. Ing. Bernd Noche, his staff and the candidate Phd from lecturers’ Untirta, they were Asep and Iman.

The professor said that this agreement will be further discussed and apllied after running one year and do the evaluation between the universities.

After having the MOU from German, The cooperation continued to Wageningeng University in Netherland. It is a well-known university in Europe. As it was invited by the Professor of Food Law,  Bernd Van Der Mulen. There were many items of agreements which will be conducted by both parties. Firstly, Wageningen University will propose a course for the non-degree training programme. Secondly, the professor is willing to facilitate further mutual cooperation for the food security project to Wageningen side. Next, in terms of supporting Untirta’s business unit, Wageningen is fully supported the unit by providing a three-day intensive course for the export business to USA in which, at the same time, there was a US state-university visited Wageningen. Last but not least, Wageningen through their so-called Global Harmonization that publish books about richness of local food invite UNTIRTA’s potential authors to publish their book.

Having spent 7 days from 13th to 19th September 2016 in Europe, The representative of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University headed back to Indonesia with so many potential agreements to run in the future.